'84 Sheepdog has been around for 2 years (since 2009) going into their third year now.A couple of Florida teenagers gathered from the high school years, now still going to make it to the top. Very out going and can fit in with any personality. Their energy of performance will make a crowd moving. Started as a Garage band and slowly moving on up to get a place of their own to practice in. The New Foo Fighters with a new kick! Young teenage Groove with energy tickles everyone's fancies. Try them out and be fair instead of being square. 

A local garage band from West Palm Beach, Florida brings Classic punk pop rock music into a modern touch that brings a new groove style.

Band Interests
Old school style, retro. party! while playing all night long
Local band from West Palm Beach, FL- Largely inspired by classic rock/punk rock as we do our best to fuse such elements together. Everything written is directly from the heart, processed into thought, and conceived into music. Won't you sing and dance along?!

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West Palm Beach, Florida